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White Dumpy Stingers - 12,5gram

White Dumpy Stingers - 12,5gram

Upgrade bobbin kit
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This compact midweight version of the Black and White stingers is just like the other models in the Stinger range made out of extremely wear resistant resin and fitted with stainless steel hollow caps. These tarty bobbins can house a 15x3mm isotope in a bore which can be found behind the logo. The nature of the used material allows the light from the isotope to diffuse throughout the indicator body giving this bobbin a nice and permanent glow.

Dimension: 22x20mm

Weight: 12,5gr.

Color: Black and white with stainless steel hollow caps.

2BA threads

A set of two o-rings is included with each bobbin.

*Body only. Lineclip, chain and hockey stick are optional as a bobbin kit.The White Stingers can house a 15x3mm isotope which can be found in the 'accessories' section.

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